Was Rogers Rogerian? – Keith Tudor


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Psychotherapy: A Critical Examination (Methods and Practice) – Keith Tudor

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This is part of a series of presentations from Keith as he discussed chapters from his book Psychotherapy: A Critical Examination. This was a LIVE interactive session where Keith was happy to answer your questions.

About Keith Tudor

I am Professor of Psychotherapy at Auckland University of Technology. I’m a qualified social worker and psychotherapist, a writer, and an activist. I hold several professional memberships, including being an associate member of Waka Oranga (an organization of Māori therapists and allies). I am also the editor of Psychotherapy and Politics International and, for the past six years, was the co-editor of Ata: Journal of Psychotherapy Aotearoa New Zealand. I’m the author and/or editor of a number of publications, including 15 books, the most recent of which are: Psychotherapy: A Critical Examination (PCCS Books, 2018), Pluralism in Psychotherapy: Critical Reflections from a Post-Regulation Landscape (Resource Books, 2017), and Conscience and Critic: The Selected Works of KEITH TUDOR (Routledge, 2017). I have a particular interest in critical perspectives in and on psychotherapy and the Psy professions, and in radical therapies.

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