Mounting violence leading up to train station attack that left woman in pool of blood, court told


Mounting violence leading up to train station attack that left woman in pool of blood, court told:

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Boy who stabbed woman at Claisebrook train station had cognitive impairment, court hears By Rebecca Trigger  A teenage boy who admitted stabbing a waitress at a Perth train station during a violent robbery and leaving her unconscious in a pool of her own blood started using methamphetamine at the age of 14 and had a significant cognitive impairment, a court has been told. The Perth Children’s Court also heard the 15-year-old, who cannot be identified, was involved in a serious of violent incidents including the bashing of a taxi driver in the months leading up to the latest attack. He was found in possession of weapons including a tomahawk, metal hatchet, meat cleaver, a 30-centimetre kitchen knife he kept tucked into his waistband and a hammer, which he used to threaten a passer-by he tried to rob in Northbridge. The waitress, Italian national Stella Trevisani, was walking through Claisebrook Cove to Claisebrook Train Station in East Perth on the evening of March 17 when she noticed three men. They followed her for about a minute before the boy stepped forward and demanded the phone. She resisted but he told her: “Give me the f***ing phone or I will stab you all over”, the court heard. She dropped the phone but he continued to stab the young woman, leaving her with five deep lacerations on her arms and leg, one of which required a vein graft due to its severity.Woman considering tattoos to cover scars Ms Trevisani spent a significant period in hospital and will need ongoing rehabilitation. The court was told she had ongoing trauma from the incident, with large scars on both arms and was considering tattoos to cover them. “She spent months not able to [go to] the toilet herself.” Judge Julie Wager read a letter from Ms Trevisani detailing how she thought she would die from her wounds, and she could not work for three months. “I have scars not only on my body, deeply in my soul as well,” the letter said. The attack also hit her extended family hard, with her grandmother left distressed and her brother, who is in Italy, requiring counselling over his fears for his sister. When her grandmother saw the news on television in Italy, she fainted. The court heard when the boy was arrested 100 metres away, covered in blood and in possession of the knife and phone, he was behaving in an “agitated way”, spitting on officers and was clearly intoxicated.   Charges over mounting violence in lead-up to station attack His actions also constituted a breach of an earlier intensive supervision order relating to other violent acts, the court heard. In August, he was charged by police after being found carrying a metal hatchet and knife while hanging around the Commonwealth Bank in Murray Street. In December, he was charged after using a meat cleaver to smash the windows of a car at Mandurah Forum shopping centre. At a later incident at the same centre, when security staff in Kmart pulled him aside over suspicion of stealing, he allegedly pulled out a tomahawk a
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