Meaning in life: an evidence-based handbook for practitioners


How can you help clients live a meaningful and satisfying life despite the challenges they may be facing in life?
Joel Vos’ book ‘Meaning in life: an evidence-based handbook for practitioners’ offers a systematic and evidence-based guidance on helping clients. Raving reviewers have described this as the go-to book for therapists and trainees (prof Mick Cooper) and an important source for learning about practitioner competences (prof Paul Wong).
Divided into three parts, it starts by drawing on empirical research to demonstrate the effectiveness of meaning-oriented practice and reviews a large body of literature on meaning in a wide-range of psychological and philosophical approaches, translating this into specific recommendations for practitioners. It continues by exploring the basic skill set required for working effectively in this area – from how to assess clients’ needs and address issues of meaning, to specific existential, phenomenological and mindfulness skills. Finally, it provides a step guide to applying the skills to clinical practice with the support of examples and case studies from a range of professions. In what is still an emerging area of practice, this text stands alone as a comprehensive source of reference for both students and practitioners across the full range of people professions.
Dr Joel Vos is psychologist and philosopher. He is Director of the online education, therapy and research platform Meaning Online. He is an internationally recognised researcher on meaning in life, and is chairman of the IMEC International Meaning Conferences. Dr Vos gives lectures, training and supervision at universities and mental health services in the United Kingdom and abroad, such as the Metanoia Institute and the New School for Psychotherapy and Counselling in London. He has worked as Deputy Director of the Centre for Research in Social and psychological Transformation at the University of Roehampton, and as researcher at Leiden University and Amsterdam Vrije Universiteit.
Joel Vos. 2018. Meaning in life: an evidence-based handbook for practitioners. Palgrave McMillan.

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