Bad Habits That Can Cause Depression


depression 2Clinical depression can be a very devastating illness and the horrible sadness that comes with it, is just the start of it all. When people suffer from depression it can actually rob people of all their energy as well. It can hamper their memory, sex drive, concentration and even take away their interest in the activities that once were enjoyable. In very severe cases of depression, it can even take away their will to want to continue living.

There are several things that can also make depression even worse and they are some bad habits that should be avoided at all cost in order to keep from making the depression even worse. Remember that depression is a very serious condition and should always be treated by a professional. Below are some of the bad habits one should avoid in order to avoid depression or making it worse.

Don’t Be a Couch Potato

When you might be feeling depressed it is quite tempting to just curl up in bed or to just sit on the couch doing nothing but watch TV. However, it’s exercise, even a little bit that is very effective in fighting depression and can work just as well as an anti-depressant. Exercise works because it boosts the production of “feel good” neurochemicals known as serotonin and dopamine.

One way to get yourself feeling better is by trying to do some brisk walking for about 30 to 40 minutes or do some sort of aerobic exercise about three to four times per week.

Not Including “Brain Food” in Your Diet

It’s really important to get enough omega 3 fatty foods in your diet because they are the key building blocks for the tissue of the brain. Our bodies are unable to make its own omega 3s so it’s vital that you make sure that they are included in your diet. Most people simply don’t include anywhere enough of these foods in their diets and this, in turn, can leave the brain quite vulnerable when it comes to depression. You can find these in freshwater fish, seafood, wild game and even take fish oil supplements. It’s important to ask your doctor how much you should be adding to your diet on a daily diet.

Not Getting Enough Sunlight

Being exposed to sunlight can be a great way to boost your mood. It helps to trigger production of serotonin and it depression 3can even decrease anxiety and give you a sense of feeling good all over. Sunlight can also help to reset your internal clock every day and will keep your sleep and other natural biorhythms in sync with each other.

Many professionals suggest that during the cold and cloudy days of winter people might want to consider using a light box that can effectively be used in place of the natural sunlight we don’t get during the winter months and in turn this can help to keep away what’s known as “winter blues”.

Lack of Vitamin D

Our bodies need vitamin D in order to have bones that are strong, however, it is also vital for our brains good health as well. Over 80 percent of people don’t get enough vitamin D in their diets. During the months of March through the month of October, the exposure to mid-day sun helps to stimulate the production of vitamin D in our skin. Professionals believe that we need five to fifteen minutes of exposure each day and without any sunscreen. The rest of the year it’s suggested that people take a supplement for vitamin D.

Bad Sleeping Habits

Suffering from sleep deprivation can be a huge trigger for depression and a lot of people tend to get the right amount of sleep each night which should be seven to eight hours each night. One way to get better sleep is to not use the bed for watching TV, using your laptop or even reading. It should only be used for sleeping each night. Also, try to make sure to get up each day at about the same time. Also, try to avoid caffeine and other things that are stimulants after the middle of the day. Also, make sure all overhead lighting is turned off.

Avoiding Involvement with Family and Friends

Often when life becomes overly stressful they will try and cut off their relations with their family and friends. This is simply the wrong thing to be doing. Research shows that having contact with family and friends who are supportive can cut down on the risk of depression immensely. Being close to those who really care about you actually can change the chemistry of the brain and puts the brakes on runaway stress circuits of the brain.

Dwelling on Things

Quite often when one is depressed or very anxious, we tend to dwell a lot on the negative things and try to rehash the feelings of loss, rejection, threat, and failure. Sometimes one will do this for hours. Dwelling on these negative feelings can trigger depression. Taking steps to avoid doing this can be very effective in fighting depression.

You can avoid this by trying to redirecting your attention from your negative thoughts and towards interacting with other people. You can also change your focus by getting absorbed in some sort of positive activity. You can also write down your thoughts and then just walk away from them.

Hanging Out With the Wrong People

Research has shown that the moods of others can be extremely contagious it’s almost as if a person can “catch” moods from those who are around us. This is because of the special mirror neurons that we have in our brains. For example, if you are feeling down and you spend some time with those who are optimistic and upbeat people can help turn on your brains more positive circuits. The same is true when you hang around with those who are in negative moods, you too can be influenced by the negative moods which can lead to depression.

Don’t Eat A Lot of Sugar and Simple Carbs

depression 4A brain that is depressed is known to be inflamed according to researchers. So what we eat will determine the level the brain is inflamed. Simple carbs along with sugars are considered very inflammatory and should be eaten sparingly, especially for those suffering from depression.

It’s better to eat fruits and vegetables that are colorful and filled with antioxidants. By eating more of these you will be able to give your brain a good anti-depressant boost and you will be able to fight off depression far easier.

Not Getting Help

Depression can be serious and even life-threatening. It is something that one should not fight on their own. Those who suffer from depression will greatly benefit from getting help and guidance from someone who is a trained professional. They can help you to learn how to fight the depression by helping you to learn better ways to live in order to combat the depression.

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