Trailer: Live Counselling Session 4 – John Threadgold Counsels Mike Trier


Watch John Threadgold demonstrate a Focusing-oriented approach while counselling Mike Trier for 20 minutes.

The session was followed by 20 minutes of John talking about the session, giving us a sense of his thinking and the choices he makes with this client.

The recording ended with feedback from the client and the participants who joined the session live.

This recording was part of a series of live counselling sessions, in which counsellors from different modalities demonstrated their approach.

1st Learning Objective:
To see how counsellors from different modalities approach a given issue.

2nd Learning Objective:
To learn about therapist choices.

2nd Learning Objective:
To increase awareness of the ethical issues surrounding live counselling.

About John Threadgold

John is a BACP Accredited for Counselling and Psychotherapy and has been counselling for about 16 years. He holds an MA in Focusing and Experiential Psychotherapy and offer Focusing-Oriented Person Centred and Integrative therapy and supervision. She runs a private counselling training and supervision practice called New Focus Therapy. She also supervises for two local drugs agency and teaches part-time on a Diploma in Person Centred Counselling for a local college. She is also recognised as a Focusing Teacher by the Focusing Institute and the British Focusing Association.

Focusing-oriented therapy is a way of offering therapy that invites clients to get in touch with that ‘living bodily felt sense’ of their life situations. When we can access our felt sense with gentle non-judgmental curiosity, the issue begins to feel different and shift, and then this affects how we think, behave and live, in a way that is positive and forward moving.

Focusing-oriented therapy has a track record in helping people recover from a range of issues including depression, trauma, anxiety addictions, and more.

Focusing can also help people make better and more embodied decisions and live life more resourcefully.

About Mike Trier

Mike has worked for many years counselling teenagers.

Now, he has a private practice in Sheffield, mainly counselling couples as a Relate Licensed Counsellor, but I also counsel individuals; He is a supervisor, and offers training, both to young people and adults.

He is BACP Accredited, and achieved both my Person Centred Diploma in Counselling and my Person Centred Certificate in Supervision at Temenos, in Sheffield.

Watch Full Interview:

Focusing-oriented – Live Counselling Session 4 – John Threadgold Counsels Mike Trier

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