Dance/Movement Therapy with Children: Pediatric Medicine


Enter the world of “Natalie,” a child battling lymphoblastic leukemia. Bed-ridden, arms held in place with tapes and tubes, she sits motionless in her darkened hospital room. Dr. Baudino, a board certified dance/movement therapist, joins her bedside and provides Natalie an opportunity to “escape” from her room. During the dance/movement therapy experience, Natalie gets a chance to have control over an uncontrollable sentence and to be a child, not a “patient.” These interactions may be one of the only times she gets to express how she feels about her illness- to communicate her awareness of what’s to come.

Lori Baudino, PsyD, BC-DMT is a licensed Clinical Psychologist and a board certified Dance/Movement Therapist. An innovator in her field, she brought the first dance/movement therapy programs to both the UCLA Mattel Children’s Hospital and Los Angeles Children’s Hospital through the Andrea Rizzo Foundation. A recipient of the Marian Chace Foundation Award for Journalism, she has appeared in multiple publications ranging from the American Journal of Dance Therapy to the Special Education Advisor. As a participant in the global efforts of Volunteer Psychological Services she has devoted her talents to the treatment of under served populations in places ranging from Washington, DC. to Australia, Ghana, Ecuador and Belize. In addition, she has extensive experience working with adolescents in psychiatric settings and has served as a psychologist in multiple private Schools.

Dr, Baudino is a popular lecturer, speaking at Universities, High Schools, Parent’s Groups and Professional Organizations. She has appeared as and expert on The Learning Channel, Dancing With the Stars and Dr. Drew.


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