Corrective Counseling Strategies for Difficult Employees!


In this Vlog, I share discuss the issues so many employers are faced with – problem or low motivation employees. There is hope and with these tactics, you may be able to transform your problem employees into motivated and productive individuals!

This Vlog is taken from my book “Yay I’m a Supervisor, Oh Man I’m a Supervisor”.

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Chapter 7 – Corrective Counseling

There are three main reasons that an employee will fail to perform at work. Which of these do you deal with the most often? What has your experience been with them?
Lack of knowledge
Lack of ability
Lack of engagement

The three components of a work habit are queue, response, and reward. Which part do you have the greatest influence over? How do you influence it?

We operate in a belief loop. In order to change a person’s behaviors, you have to get them to own their choice both from the past and from the future. Discuss the components of the belief look and how your beliefs about work shape your behaviors.


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