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What does it take to be a great therapist? Does supervision matter? Many interns and associates grab the first supervision spot that comes along, eager to get started on their hours. But wait! This is serious business here. You are learning how to help clients. You are learning how to be a therapist! Many supervision positions are open with agencies that focuses on quotas, not necessarily therapist learning. Before you decide upon which supervisor you want to hire, make sure it’s a good fit. Make sure the supervisor is interested in your growth as a professional and in the client’s growth in their treatment goals. Just getting lots of hours can feel like progress, but not if you are learning to be a crappy therapist in the process. Take the time to find the right mentor who will invest in you as a person and professional.

Early career professionals may benefit from the advice of the, ahem, older ones. Becoming a Therapist- Advice for Associates and Interns. Licensed Therapist Melinda Haynes talks about becoming.

0:01 intro and disclosure
0:30 this is critical
0:48 clinical skill set
1:09 specialization
1:35 it’s okay to switch
1:50 supervision is not therapy (ugh!)
2:30 closing

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My goal with the ‘Best Advice’ series is to help new therapists (LMFT, AMFT, Associates, LCSW, ASCW, LPC) with wisdom that was passed along to me and/or with wisdom I learned the good old fashioned hard way. I am still learning every day. If you have something to add to the list of things I’ve learned, please tell me!!

‘Can We Talk?’ is dedicated to psychology, therapy, relationships, healthy living, well-being and the like. It should not be considered therapy, nor a substitute for therapy. If you need help with any mental, emotional, family or relational struggle, please seek help from a qualified professional in your area.

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Shout out to:
An amazing Supervisor during my internship.
Wonderful clients who taught- and continue to teach me more and more every day.

You may find potential supervisors on Psychology Today or with a Google search. You might talk to friends and colleagues who are a bit ahead of you in the process and can recommend an awesome supervisor. Your state’s association of therapists, social workers or professional counselors may also have a list. Don’t be afraid to interview, try out and change if necessary. You are investing in you, your clients and in their future generations. Don’t over look this important aspect of becoming!


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